9 of 10

Day 9 is in the bag.  I ended my run with this little jam.  Jay-Z is awesome.  This song makes me feel like I can rock anything, like say...the treadmill.  For 30. HOLLAH.
"I put Prodigy in his place on that Summer Jam Screen"

Exciting Stuff!

I deleted my Facebook account back in December and haven't once looked back.  Here, Google introduces a new way of sharing.  While still in test mode, I find this most exciting!  

After the initial overview video the remaining correspond to a feature: Circles, Sparks, Hangouts, Instant Uploads and Huddles.  And they are all short.  Enjoy!

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Polyvore: The Weekend


TOMS gray tank, $24
J Brand low rise shorts, $165
Van, 45 CAD
CALYPSO ST BARTH sequin handbag, $17
Navaglazer chain jewelry, $130
Star jewelry, £40
Hat, $45

Day 8

image here

Today is going to be my hardest workout yet.  My 30 minute run will have me running for two minutes & sprinting for three!  I'm nervous.  There will be walking, that's a given.  Then again, maybe not.  After all, I DID hold Plank for 90 seconds yesterday!  YES!  90 seconds!  

As my program is winding down, I'm getting a little sad. What am I going to do when it's over?  I thought about just starting it again.  I need to keep this motivation going.  Whole Living does have a 28 Day Program.  
I know running everyday is a lot, but maybe I'll just commit to that & see where it goes.  I do know that it has felt great to have something I do just for me.

Lucky Number 7!

Day 7 is on!  Here's what my day entails:
Body: Workout Flow in slow-mo. Do the A and B series 3 times each at normal speed, and then switch to super-slow 3 times each for improved strength and balance. Follow with 30 minutes of cardio (no intervals). Try to hold Plank pose for 90 seconds.
Mind: Breathe for 8 minutes to balance the physical exertion with a little mental rest. Each time a thought comes up, simply observe it, and then let it go.
Life: Speak up. Letting things slide may end up hurting you. Today, make a point of expressing your concerns, whether with a coworker or your spouse.

Read more at Wholeliving.com: 10-Day Reboot 

Bow Wow may always seem 12 to me, but whatevs...
I ain't bumpin' like he's bumpin'.


The Fourth of July
You bring so much excitement
The romance shall POP
a google image from here

Day 6 Already?

Phew!  I'm happy to report I've made it to the second and final page of the article.  The end may be in sight, but I have a couple hard days ahead.  Intervals.  They are great for upping the calorie burning ante, but in these days they are more frequent and longer.  I need my music more than ever now.  Here is probably the best song to crank the speed up (I'm talking 7.2 on the treadmill, people.)  too.

Cleary this album is on fire.

"She do it with no hands..."

You didn't think I'd leave you high & dry before the weekend kicked off did you?  Ah $hit.  You did!  Well, Walk It Out...

One of my top five running songs. The beat is perfect for pounding the pavement and dance floor...hey yo!  Haha.
But seriously...Walk It Out.

Day 3. TGIF.

I'm hoping my plans for Day Three do not get squashed by the rain.  I thought this itinerary would be the perfect reason to get a run in along the Lake. So that's my plan. If it's pouring at that time, I'll just head to the gym. I'm looking forward to the Mind & Life today too.  What woman doesn't love a scrub, DIY no less, and it always feels great to talk to someone who has known you all your life.  

Day 2 was quite a challenge.  I got to the gym & realized two grave realities:  I had forgotten my sports bra AND my iPod earphones.  I immediately wanted to punch something & leave.  I didn't.  What I did do was talk myself through it and decided to (wo)man up.  I went through my required flow moves & ran my 30 mins on the treadmill, with my intervals, sans support (the only support you can get from a sports bra & T.I.)  It was a true victory.

Required flows, what?  Each day I am required to complete 3-5 sets of these flows.  The Plank Flow supports Strength & Flexibility.  Seesaw Flow = Balance & Flexibilty and Explosive Flow (really?) focuses on Strength & Stamina.  

Plank Flow

Seesaw Flow

Explosive Flow 

Join me!  
Get the complete plan from Whole Living HERE

Day 2 = Zero Make-Up

Today, I'm pulling a Marilyn Manson, left side.
image found here

It actually feels great to have zero make-up on today, for the Mind portion.  The Life is all about a closet cleaning & keeping clothes that make you feel good.  The Body portion has really kicked things up between Day 1 & Day 2.  Here's what will be helping me roundhouse kick those intervals, Chuck Norris Style.

"Creme de la Creme, Homie."

Day 1

Have you heard of the magazine Whole Living, a Martha Stewart publication?  It has become one of my favorite magazines, but I never take the time to benefit from all the goodness inside.  Well that ends today.
image found here

Enter a Whole Living Action Plan titled:
 "10 Day Reboot Camp"  
Each day I will focus on Body, Mind and Life.  The program, created by IntenSati creator Patricia Moreno, is designed to "hit the four pillars of fitness: strength, stamina, flexibility and balance."  While "empowering you from the inside out."  SOLD.

For example, Day 1:

I'll also use this time to highlight some of the fabulous Rap music that will be keeping me motivated.  
Don't worry...it will be ghetto & you will love it. 

Stay tuned, yo.


Summer is that you?
You will be gone tomorrow.
So. Very. Fickle.

And since she probably will be gone tomorrow...
Or better yet...

She's Crafty

I might have to incorporate these into my new place...


 Good Ole Martha, at it again.

images via Full Article

Warning: Simpsons reference

So a while back, you may have read about my disdain for the new formula Ojon decided to use as their Dry Shampoo. Well, it sucks.  I loved their old product and since I have deemed their new potion worthless, it became my mission to find a new product I can love.  Dry Shampoo for me is the ultimate.  I do not wash my hair everyday & since it's thin & oily (what a combo!) Dry Shampoo is my miracle product.  You know that "can't live without, take to a deserted island" product.

So, the wait is over.  I obviously tried the new Ojon (sucked) and the Oscar Blandi (not impressed).  Yesterday my search ended...

Eat your heart out Ojon.

Bumble and bumble Blondish Hair Powder 4.4 oz, $35
Bumble and bumble Brown Hair Powder 4.4 oz, $35
Bumble and bumble Black Hair Powder 4.4 oz, $35
Bumble and bumble White Hair Powder 4.4 oz, $35


Oh, Peter Sarsgaard...
You have really gotten HOT.
Kudos, Maggie G!
image from: PEOPLE
original photo: Credit: B Starks/Splash News Online

AVEC drops it like it's HOT

I now have MY Chicago restaurant.  Never again will I be asked the questions "What is your favorite restaurant?" or "Where do you want to go?" without having an answer or replying with..."We don't really go out much."  Well, that last one will probably stay (read: student budget) BUT!  Want to know more?...

*A wine bar -- Thirty wines are offered by the glass*A menu of rustic food -- neatly divided into four sections: Small plates, Large  plates, Salumi, & Cheese*Reflects the aromas, flavors and colors of the Mediterranean *Danish Modern style...

So Friday, I had a good friend in town and she suggested Avec for dinner.  Me, not knowing much about Chicago dining was all for it.  I had no idea things even existed this far west of the Loop.  I have to admit on the walk over, I was overly cautious about where I was headed.  
In the end, the walk proved to be totally safe and comfortable.  

We got there & waited an hour before taking seats, but the atmosphere outside was totally chill and we sipped wine.  Once seated, I couldn't figure out if we were cast offs or special because we were placed directly in front of the chefs, at the end of the bar.  The "Chef's Table." Hence the Meat Cutter.

As we munched (on amazing cheeses, olives and spicy cured meats) & drank, I couldn't help but notice the even more decadent playlist: Rap!  And this is when I knew I had found MY Chicago restaurant.  Not only are the wine & food great, BUT you can listen to some Juvenile, all the while.  And I did not stop at Back That A$$ Up, folks.  

AVEC just gets it and then,
drops it, like. it's. HOT.

images & info from WEBSITE

Blues Fest!

Since today is the beginning of the largest, free Blues Festival in the World, I thought I should honor it some. My boyfriend is a die hard blues fan & pretty much knows everything about this genre and all the guys behind it.  So, I've come to appreciate this distinct sound through him and I wanted to share some Blues with you. 

Hit it, Boys....

This week was a weird one.  Last night was the first night all week that I slept the whole night and that is very rare for me.  I love sleep and I'm great at it!  And I'll spare the details, but on Wed there was a grizzly accident right outside my apartment.  So, I've had a bit of my own blues.

That said...it's FRIDAY and I could not be happier or more thankful for all the things I have going on in my life:  A wonderful boyfriend, a new apartment (moving in July), a get together this weekend with new friends, and a quality job.  YAY!

Cheers Blogeritas!

And They're Back!

After a short break of traveling for inspiration while putting together a new collection (and...just being fabulous) Scout & Catalogue have reopened Their Etsy Shop.  Their seriously cool approach to design makes me pine for their goods, like no other Etsy shop can.
"Lasso system" above not only provides an easy way to tie the scarf, but HOW COOL IS THAT?!?
And these bags!  
Oh these BAGS!

Keep it coming, Scout & Catalogue.  

images pulled from Here and Here


So the newest Urban Outfitters (UO) magazine came yesterday.  It was about as easy to relate as a UFO.  I would feel this is true for most, shy of wasted, prepubescent, bisexual girls.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not judging!   If you happen to fit that description, UO magazine has you down and cheers!  I just happen to be a straight 33 yr old woman.  I don't straddle my girlfriends while sitting in a hammock or make hair braiding chains on the beach.  If you have yet to look through it, please do.  It's quite entertaining.  Some models look downright wasted.  Clearly, I'm not their average buyer.

Aside from my less than stellar review of their magazine, they have some cute stuff!  Polyvore helped me put some of my favorite magazine features together. So cheers to you, UO!   For not only providing some of the cutest summer threads, but for taking me to a far off galaxy.

UO by curchout featuring pointed pumps

Lucca Couture gauze dress, $79
Lucca Couture gauze dress, $79
Lucca Couture gauze dress, $79
Sparkle Fade fitted dress, $49
Lucca Couture gauze dress, $79
Silence Noise sleeveless dress, $59
Beach swimwear, $89
Ecote oxford flat shoes, $49
Kimchi Blue pointed pumps, $49

6.7.11 is HERE!

Haikusday or not...
You didn't think I'd forget The Big Reveal did you?  Watch the video to discover The Next Chapter at TOMS.  

It makes me so happy to know there are people who care about others in this crazy world.  I will forever support this company and proud to say I have been since 2006.


Running noise please stop!
Its location is unknown;
Three weeks and counting.
image found here

It's Official...

I'm so excited to be getting my very own space next month that I couldn't wait to share the news.  I'm saying bye to Logan Square (ciao, Hipsters.) and hello to Lincoln Square.  There are many reasons for me to be excited, but one of the biggest reasons is Winnemac Park!  I am having flashbacks of living in DC, on Capital Hill, and walking just a couple blocks to Lincoln Park to lay out on a lazy Saturday. Maybe I'll actually have a tan this year!
Here's a peek at my place...

Happy Friday Blogeritas!

I wish you the best of times, chEErs!

Polyvore: Summer Night Out

I never really thought of myself as the "skull-type", but this totally works.  So, this would be my choice for a Summer Night Out.  It's lightweight & sheer with pops of color which for me = fun, off-beat, and pretty.  SOLD.

Short sleeve tee, 105 GBP
H M elastic waist skirt, 6.99 GBP
Platform sandal, $136
Gucci mini shoulder bag, $1,858
Marc by Marc Jacobs face watch, $250
Jamie Joseph 14k bangle, $970
Square earrings

Behind the Scenes

A behind the scenes look into the DwellStudio with Christiane Lemieux*!  It's worth the 12+ minutes.  How exciting to see the design industry at work?  This just confirms it's where I belong... designing textiles = dream job!  

*Still dying to scoop up her book Undecorate!
get it here!