Goodbye my three-day.
From food/tour/movie/more food.
Such great company!

Bring it on down to Liquorville!

In case you missed this brilliantness...  

...and Kristen Wiig can do no wrong.

Found it!

my new beach towel

If you haven't enjoyed the refreshing taste of Brooklyn Summer Ale, you are missing out.

Actually, I love all of Brooklyn's beer and their labels are equally tasteful.  And now this beach towel?  No sleep til Brooklyn's towel arrives.  Yeah, that reference just happened.

Project: Complete

So many months back a good friend, Matt, mailed art supplies to my roommate (also in design school) & I along with his plea for some artwork.  Now, I have never considered myself an artist so why was my friend doing this to me?  I mean, I have enough anxiety as it is, damn it.  I was not happy because I knew I could not blow this off.  For one, I care about my friend.  Secondly, I wanted to cash in the Starbucks gift cards he sent as motivation. Well, motivation they were.
Fast forward to this week and he received those four canvases.  He says he loves them, but he also said he'd love anything I produced.  My friends are forever supportive of me.  But aside from all of that, I am really happy with the end result.  I put a lot of thought into creating something that I could see Matt in.  I have never really painted before, so it was nice to push myself and commit!  The constellations are Hercules (on the right) who resides in the summer sky and Orion (left & my fav) of the winter sky.  Matt is an avid camper, a love we both share.  I used leather to "sew" them in, as well as the detail on the bottom canvas.  You bet my Caramel Macchiato tasted extra victorious.


What I found...

At my desk when I got to class last night.  One of the benefits of going to school with my BF.  One year, five months and counting...

Page 39

I'd like to share a page from The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield.

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Page 39:
     "Self-doubt can be an ally.  This is because it serves as an indicator of aspiration.  It reflects love, love of something we dream of doing, and desire, desire to do it.  If you find yourself asking yourself (and your friends), "Am I really a writer?  Am I really an artist?" chances are you are.
     The counterfeit innovator is wildly self-confident.  The real one is scared to death."

There are lots of great (and super short) pages in this book that I have been finding a lot of comfort, inspiration and value in.   Thank you Steven Pressfield!


The search continues
Dry Shampoo, you are a must.
Still mad at Ojon

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Triple Dog Love

Lucas Reynolds, you guys, LUCAS REYNOLDS...
He's got it all:  Heart & Soul and isn't afraid to share it.  You should download his album, Pictures & Sound, from iTunes, STAT.


I have long loved this name and so it's only fitting it's the name of my favorite shop in Chicago.  Not an ounce of pretension here folks!!!  Located in Andersonville, right on Clark, is where you'll find the coolest supply of Urban Antiques at beyond reasonable prices.



This chair is $395!

All images pulled from Scout's Blog!  so... follow them!  And don't be discourged by all the SOLD, they are constantly replenishing their stock.


Semester six starts
Eighty more credits to go
Bachelor of Fine Arts
photo: mine

Festival Season has begun

I know I should not be thinking about this coming weekend already, but I am!  Not only do I have a friend visiting me, but my sister will be here too for:

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, check it out.  Until then, here's to a great week...

"Brighten Up My Space", she said

She being my one and only sister, Lisa.  Since she asked me to help freshen things up at her home, I figured I may as well throw this on my blog.  Here are a couple photos of the space...

As you can see, these are two views of the main living area.  Oh and she wants to base everything off her rug.  Which is this...

 My first reaction was PAINT!  The easiest & maybe most fun way to brighten things up.  She refuses to paint a rental.  Ok, I like a challenge.  Aside from paint there are still lots of ways to breathe new life into a space.  Drapes!  Pillows!  Artwork!  Mirrors!  Lighting!  Sofa Cover!  These are all items that can showcase your style AND can be found at stores that offer reasonable pricing.
(compared to magazines that list a price as..."price upon request"  My response to that?  Ok, NEXT.)

Here is what I selected for Lisa...

Yes, I know that blue begs for pops of its complementary orange, but Lisa already went down that road.  So, I chose soothing blues and neutrals.  The navy sofa cover would replace the current sage green to hold some weight.  The drapes I think are a perfect nod to the playfulness this room sees from my niece and nephew.  The pillows take a step back to let the rug do all the talking and the natural accents ring true to my nature-loving sister.  

Space = Brighter

Right On, JMH.

A seven year project has been completed. See...I will totally finish school someday.  What hope!

The largest wooden structure in the world, located in Seville, Spain was just completed in April, after architect  J. Mayer H.  entered a competition that began in 2004.  This past summer I discovered a real fondness for working with basswood so clearly I can relate.  If JMH were here right now, we'd totally be fist bumping.

  Metropol Parasol

Project: Metropol Parasol
Redevelopment of Plaza de la Encarnacion, Seville, Spain
Function: archeological site, farmers market, elevated plaza, multiple bars and restaurants
Site area: 18,000 square meters
Building area: 5,000 square meters
Total floor Area: 12,670 square meters
Number of floors: 4
Height of the building: 28.50 meters
Structure: concrete, timber and steel
Principal Exterior: timber and granite
Principal interior material: concrete, granite and steel
Designing period: 2004-2005
Construction period: 2005-2011
Building/Cost: 90 Million Euro

all images from:  Full Report Here


Maybe my biggest love/hate relationship is with none other than J. Crew.

Well, how can I not love J. Crew?  The style is so effortlessly fabulous.  I have pretty much been drooling over this company since 1996.  They just get me.  Frustration started when their prices soared and their petite section stayed pint sized.  Not to mention a petite inseam is not 30".  I feel like their clothes are mostly designed for uber lanky women...which is not surprising since Jenna Lyons is just that.  So that's mostly where the Hate comes into play.  Coupled with the fact that more than one piece I've gotten from there in the last say 10 years has simply not measured up in terms of quality.

Case in point:  A pair of leather shoes (read: expensive) simply lost its bow.  This I will never forget...I was in a meeting at work and looked down to see that I only had one shoe with a bow on top.  The other bow had flat out fallen off.  I started the day with two bows and now...uno.  I was embarrassed that someone would notice and confused as to where this bow might me.  I found it under my desk.  Yes, that's right, sitting at my desk, a bow on a pair of expensive, leather, J. Crew shoes jumped ship.  So disappointing and yes they were returned.

Despite this not being the only story of low grade quality from J Crew, I can not stop my drooling addiction.  SOS.  So it's appropriate that I'm now going to share my favorites from their new arrivals...

    Just shoot me now.