Your Rainbow Panorama

Wow, check out this addition on the ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum created by Icelandic designer, Olafur Eliasson.

Read all about it on Fresh Home -- love this site!

Amazon Rant Update

To follow up from my previous post, I do commend Amazon for refunding my money.  It was a very small amount, but we all know this is about principle here.  BonitaFlores' ratings have dropped significantly in the last month.  It's now at 14% positive.  I'm convinced those that have rated this seller anything higher than one star are in fact people working for seller, but that's of course just my crazy theory.

I wonder what it takes for Amazon to simply kick this seller our of their program, but whatever protocol is, I'm sure it consists of lots and lots of corporate trudge to sift through first.  I wish I did not take things so personally and could just chalk it up to one bad seed, but I guess I just feel the world is becoming over populated (with bad seeds).  An outlook I'm working to change...

That said, it's a wonderful Tuesday here in Chicago and I'm excited to complete my 7th semester later this week (and of course the warmth of the Holidays always helps!)


This weekend, I discovered my neighborhood has its very own Christmas Tree!

Thank you, Pandora

Thanks to Pandora, I had the pleasure of discovering this little gem.  

E      N      J      O     Y

PS: Feist's most recent album, Metals, is gem too!

iPhone Photos + Instagram

Here are some photos from my recent trip to Florida.  I went to attend the wedding of my BF's sister.  Their cousin, Stephen Govel, was the wedding photographer and you can see some of his shots of the day on his blog.  Check him out, he's amazing and has traveled the world taking photos.  He also met his fiance, Madeleine, through the process who is also an amazing photographer. Needless to say, I came away from the long weekend very much inspired.  Enjoy!