US: Zero // Switzerland: Infinity

Can we at least all agree that the US gets zero points for coolness?  The Swiss? Well, they get infinity points for this:

"Each summer, artists are asked to come here and create inspiring works that connect the entire village and in 2010, artisits of Lang/Baumann created this." Another fail for the US: I am just discovering it in 2012. 

Info & Image Source: FRESH HOME

Relax, DO do it.

Haha, I said do do.  Although, I'm not sure if I could really relax here or not, it would still be cool to try.  Thanks to the architecture studio Heri & Salli, Vienna residents get to try and relax within this art-installation.  Pretty rad, huh?  I admire the designers wanting to bring a sense of calm & relaxation for the public to take in.  A great reminder for sure.  

Cheers to your weekend and remember...Frankie says: RELAX.  


Info & Image Source: FRESH HOME

Under $50: Business Casual

In an attempt to bring some regularity to the blog I'm going to try & commit to posting outfits via Polyvore.  I've posted from this site in the past, but to maintain consistency, my future posts will all feature items for $50* or less.  If you aren't familiar with Polyvore, it's this massive database to build collages of clothing and accessories and even things for the home!  I liken it to Barbies for adults.  It can also be a tad overwhelming since there are so many options, most of which costs way out of my price range.  So in my Under $50 series, I'll do my best to bring some style inspiration for the girl on a budget (ie: Me and pretty much every one I know). ENJOY!

Under $50: Business Casual

GAP long top, $13
H M double breasted trench coat, £30
Oasis a line skirt, £15
Trasparenze black tight, €5,69
H M pointed toe flat, £15
Zara patent handbag, $50
Mimco post earrings, £25
Antique gold ring, $18
Dorothy Perkins printed scarve, $12
Belt, £16
Dorothy Perkins fur hat, $12

*some items may translate into more than 50 US Dollars, please roll with it.  

Fire Heaven

This is seriously fire heaven for me.  I've always loved a good pink/purple combo; ever since I rocked my pink & purple nikes in second grade.  They were awesome let me tell you...the pink faded into the purple & other kids made fun of me b/c they said I sprayed painted them.  Of course, I knew how awesome they were & paid no mind.  I bet those kids are super tools now too, but I digress...

This fireplace resides in Scottsdale, AZ at the Saguaro Hotel.  Read about it's story HERE.

Now go and find YOUR fire heaven!


I'm pressing rewind here to highlight one of my favorite things about the Holidays: Gift Wrapping.

I seriously love doing this to the point that I should be making some extra dough and helping people; if feel like so many dread the wrapping part.  Another source of pride is that I've gotten 'scouring the web for free downloads' down quite nicely.  In the following images, the only purchase I made was on the ribbon.  This, this and this to be exact, all from Paper Source. They were the perfect accents to my free downloads!

The mountain paper is from a favorite blogger of mine, Poppytalk.  This is the 2nd year I used this paper; I just adore it.  After printing a bunch in color to use with the black ribbon, I realized how great a black & white version would be with the teal ribbon.  YAY, the teal wasn't a waste -- sometimes things can be so exciting [ie: ribbon from the paper source] I buy now & think later.  The gift tags are from this Designer.  How wonderful of her to share these!  She certainly shoots to the top of my list of favorites!  

The photos are very rough, I know, so I will be mindful of that in taking pictures of my wrapping in the future.  In printing the paper... I did so on a regular printer using letter sized paper, so it was quite a task in taping it all together, but so well worth it.

Paper download HERE.  
Gift Tags downloads HERE and HERE

Wedding Dresses under $500

It's true!  And they aren't too shabby...  
Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Option 4:

Option 5:

And what makes them even more exciting is that (with the exception of Option 1) they are basic.  

Basic = blank canvas // Blank canvas = personalize // Personalize = unique

Catch my drift?  For instance... 
Take Option 2 & swap out the white sash for a pop of color (i'll take neon!)
Take Option 3 & add a thin sparkly belt
You can do the same with Option 4 & 5.

I'm totally fine with being no where close to my nuptials, but it's good to know there are some affordable options out there so cheers to that!


My 9-5 (an investment firm) is celebrating its 30th Birthday this coming weekend and I have had the pleasure of creating some of the decorations.  I pulled an easy DIY from the The Queen herself.

These will sit in groups on all the tables as the centerpiece.  We are using electronic candles for piece of mind.  (no worrying about candles that have gone out or a possible paper fire)  I plan to take more photos once they have been placed, before the party, on Friday.

ps: my right tricep is getting ripped and i still have lots more to punch.