From the Inbox:

Baggu continues to become more sophisticated.  They started out with fun, bright nylon bags for the grocery & have been evolving ever since.  So many great new products on their site these days.  My number one pic is this top beauty:

Northern Michigan:

I always love the chance to get out of the city so, I trained over to my sister's this past weekend.  More importantly... I celebrated my niece & nephew's birthdays!  My mom was in town from NY and my older brother came up from Southern Mi., so it was quite the family reunion (minus my three other siblings & their families of course).  It had been a year since I last saw my Mom, so that was wonderful!  We had a couple late nights and lazy days and it just felt so great being around family.  


Taken w/my iPhone & Instagram
Here's a picture of what my weekend looked like. (notice the vacancy of people)  I made my 8am Saturday morning run.  I spent some time at my beloved neighborhood park, hoping to up the ante on the beginnings of a tan.  (I'm on a serious mission to be tan this summer; yes I use sunscreen.)  I rented three old movies from the shop down the street (Baby Mama, New In Town and The Long Weekend)  and I made a healthy grocery store run.  Outside of a DELICIOUS Sunday breakfast of ice cream to celebrate a friend's birthday, the excitement was very low.  The BF was out of town & while I welcome some me time by Saturday evening, I had had enough and was missing my East Coast friends more than ever.  That said, the Sunday Ice Cream party was so fun!  We were able to build our own sundae, had 50's parlor music going, and the Birthday Guy was challenged to eat 21 scoops!  Ouch.  Here are a few pics: