Exciting Design

Stepping away from the craziness of my recent post, I wanted to share some exciting design.  Check out this staircase done by German Design Firm, MO Architekten:

 When I saw this, my heart skipped a little beat! For my final project in Architectural Detailing & Construction, we have to design a staircase in a public space.  While my staircase will need to be code compliant, this work provides great inspiration.  Thanks to Pinterest and Plastolux for the discovery, as well as these wonderful images!

Don't fail me, Amazon

Bear with me here, I'm on a rant.

Direct Target: Seller, BonitaFlores
Indirect Target: Amazon

The backstory:
     I purchased 4 books from Amazon on 10/27, all from different sellers.  Three of those books arrived within a weeks time.  (Yay, Great, Thank You Reputable Sellers!)  One, did not.  That one is from aforementioned seller, BonitaFlores.  Currently, I do not think this seller existence in the form of a pretty flower, but probably a scummy, grubby  gross man sitting in his mom's basement.  (yes i can get judge-y)
     Amazon gives you an insane window of time in which the book can arrive.  With this book I had the timeframe from 11/3 to 11/21.  A day or two after purchase the funds were out of my bank account & the order status read: Shipped.  After getting a little suspicious, I decided to read the reviews.  (I know what you're thinking..."hey idiot, you read the reviews first."  and with that I reply..."I thought I was ok when the overall rating was a 4+.  In hindsight, of course I should have done more than look at overall rating!)
     After reading the string of terrible reviews, my nerves kicked in and around 11/15, I decided to test the waters & email the seller.  (multiple reviews of seller never responding to customer reaching out about their missing book)  I still have not gotten a response from "BonitaFlores."
     On 11/19, I contacted Amazon and spoke to a rep in their call center in the Caribbean.  He advised that since it was not yet 11/21 (end date to my timeframe) they could not do anything.  Ok, I saw that coming, but my patience was never great to begin with & now....I just know my book is not arriving by 11/21.

Present day:
     Obviously, book never came on 11-21.  So today, I filed my claim.
     I also decided I should write a review to see if that sparks some interest in the "seller."  I wrote my review with clear disdain titling it SCAM ARTIST and warning buyers.  I got an email from Amazon advising they could not publish my review & suggested I look at their guidelines.  Ok, I'll tone it down...I guess I get that I can not call them a scam artist just yet (even though they are).  Below is my toned down version:

Titled: Buyer Beware
I am shocked there are any positive reviews for this Seller. I just filed a claim against them, because just like all the other negative reviews...I too never received my book. I also never received a response from the seller when I emailed them asking about the purchase. My purchase was made on 10/27, the seller right away took the funds out of my bank account & the purchase has been showing "shipped" since a day or two after 10/27. THAT WAS A MONTH AGO. I expect Amazon to seriously investigate this seller, as a claim has been filed.

     Again, Amazon emailed to say they would not publish my review and here is where I start to get really pissed.  What is wrong with my damn review?  I'd like to know!  Everything stated is 100% fact.  You can read the terrible reviews on Amazon, under BonitaFlores.  What the hell do they want from me? I do not let things go easily and I'm only getting more agitated by the minute.  So stay tuned...

This is my kinda holiday, right here.  

Check out the full spread w/details to create this look in the new issue of Anthology Magazine.  

new view, phew.

So this is my new view.  Not bad since my last place over looked an alley on a block that housed four restaurants.  This weekend I'll be writing a paper for History of Art II, coming up with a design for a staircase for Architectural Detailing & Construction and relaxing as much as I can.  Oh yeah, going to the salon on Sat too.  Heck yeah.  I've got some personal projects in the works, so maybe I'll share them when they are complete.  Cheers!

"Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness."  

Allen Ginsberg 

Steven Alan Fall Lookbook

So much to love over at Steven Alan right now, save their prices.  A great stop for some inspiration though!  Here are some of my favorites looks:

Preview Entire Lookbook Here