Totes Tote:

 Man, those super cool Baggu ladies have had quite the summer adding to their collection.  They collaborated with Mer Bags with this one and offer five different color combos.  Would love to rock this as a Fall bag to pop against all the jewel tones.  Love the two "highlighter" colors together and what's that...a lil Made In America tag?  That's right, a totes tote for sure.  

For more on Mer Bags, check out their blog!
image via: BAGGU

Old Art:

Totally forgot about this little cutie!  I did this in DC for a figure drawing class.  She makes it hard not to feel happy, right?  I'll have to make sure I dig her out & frame it for the new place.  Oh yeah, I'm with the BF!  SCHWING!  Fingers crossed we can find a place we are excited about.  Chicago apartments are going like hotcakes right now.


So I've been running with the Fleet Feet Fun Run group since early May and it has become such a source of joy.  With the hot temps lately, it certainly has been a challenge, but once I commit to something, I'm 100% in.  If only everything was as easy to commit to as running three times a week, but I digress...  With all that running, my old Mizuno Inspire 4s were getting pretty tired.  When I checked out the latest batch of new sneaks Fleet Feet has and realized Mizuno is now on Inspire 8s, I knew it was time to invest.

In short, here are my new sneaks:

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I'm glad that I can still feel cool when I get a pair, just like when I was five.

Tracy Wilkinson:

Path of discovery:

Tracy Wilkinson is a prime example of the type of artist I'd love to be.  I mean, she just does it all!  Clothing! Pottery! Furniture! Lighting!  I mean check her out!  She's amazing, right?

Kudos to the super rad bloggers that lead to her discovery!

image source: Tracy Wilkinson

From the Inbox:

That's right, I will continue to share my Baggu love.  IT'S SO PRETTY!  

Alapash on Montrose:

My BF always discovers the cutest shops.  The latest is Alapash, a terrarium shop located on the north side of Montrose, between Wolcott & Damen.  After talking with the super friendly owner, Marco, we purchased a couple air plants.  It has been so nice coming home to another living creature in my place.  We have the best conversations, my air plant & me; it's like we're the same person!

Check out Marco's website and he even has an Etsy shop, but definitely come into the shop if you can.  He has so many affordable options!  Mine was $8.  Alapash was also recently featured on Apartment Therapy; something else the BF knew.  I tell ya, he's good.

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Another time:

Clearly this was taken in the good old days of needing my wool jacket for some weekend exploring.  You know, May.  I miss it.  I also miss all the central air I got accustomed to living in DC, I forgot what a luxury it can be.  Chicago has some serious updating to do.
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Fireworks 2012:

This is the second year in a row I've gone to Winnemac Park & once again, it was outstanding!  Now if only I knew the mystery firework men of the neighborhood so I could send them thank you cards.  
Nothing beat walking two blocks and getting a seriously legit display for over an hour.  
Hope you all enjoyed your 4th too!      

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