Zoo Lights:

I finally made it to Zoo Lights at the Lincoln Park Zoo!  If ever there were a place to channel your inner child, this would be my top pick.  Here's a collection of thirteen pictures to ring in the New Year.  May this year be our best!

Photos: iPhone & Instagram

The Twelve Pics of Christmas:

Holiday Cards

It's been years since I've sent any Christmas cards out and since this was our first Christmas since moving in together I thought this was the perfect time to try my hand at designing some.  I used InDesign and a photo from when we went camping.  The final version did not include the dotted border and was printed and pasted onto a red flat A7, so there was a red border that extended roughly half an inch on all sides.  I'm already excited to put together next year's, but in the meantime...  

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and cheers to a New Year!

Holiday Best: MSGM

Although, I really do love everything in this pre-fall collection, here are my top picks from Italian brand, MSGM, for Holiday dressing.  They just get it so right.

images from MSGM Pre-Fall

Holiday Wrapping

Last week I kind of turned into a monster -- a printin' and tapin' and wrappin' monster.  I have not purchased wrapping paper in three years.  There are so many generous & talented designers that share free downloads for personal use that I print letter sized sheets of paper and tape them together, which equated to lots of late nights.  Late nights equate to me becoming kind of hard to live with, so kudos to the bf; he so gracious when the monster emerges and it's always well worth it.  Few things make me happier than printin', tapin' and wrappin' a gorgeous gift for someone.

Merry Christmas Eve!

images: iPhone & Instagram // gift tags: Kelli Murray via Hey Look & Emily McDowell via Poppytalk // paper: Hey Look & Domestifluff // twine: Paper Source