Well Designed :: Living Room

You may love the starkness of a completely modern room filled with clean, crisp lines or (on the opposite end of that spectrum) a totally eclectic room that is nothing but lush colors & textures. However, it is my opinion the best & most interesting rooms have a mix of both.

If you too belong to my camp of balance, but aren't sure how to exactly mix crisp & eclectic, I hope you find this post helpful.  Below is just one, budget-friendly example of creating a balanced feel.

Kilim pillow // $119 // mother's atelier

AGEN chair // $34 // Ikea

Moroccan Leather Pouf // $96 // MARATHENTICS

A bonus with the chairs, aside from price, is that they're stackable!  Grab a couple to break out when you need additional seating.  Incorporating pieces with thick textures in deeper hues will lend warmth to the crisp items below creating maximum contrast for a unique & warm feel to your space.  Hollah.


left to right: