Thanksgiving at (my true) Home:

Going home for Thanksgiving had never felt better.  I honestly could not remember the last time I had been home for this particular holiday and this year was the most special because, we all ate together; something that had gotten away from us as marriages and births took over.  Twenty-seven heads and we still missed five key members!

Staying with my Grandparents was as cozy as ever.  Their home has remained fairly unchanged my whole life, even though, whenever I'm there, I walk around looking at the same beautifully old pictures they have of everyone.  My Grandma still has every high school year book!  Below, you'll see my aforementioned stunning grand-of-a-mother and then my Grandparents, who now been married for sixty-six years, on their wedding day.  And oh the food...

Always homemade goodies galore at home.  One could say my Grandparents were the original hipsters upon seeing their shelves full of canned goods, but that would be far too worthy of a compliment for a hipster.  They are go-getters through & through and even in their mid-eighties they are still canning all summer long.

A few shots of the open land in northern New York and you can see why one would ache with sadness upon entering all the goings on at O'Hare.  Saying goodbye-til-next-time to my roots was bittersweet.  It was now time to get back to real life; taking buses and elevated tracks and hustling my way around my life here, but the feeling of restored ran through my veins, and I was flooded with the can-do optimism of tackling life and figuring out what the heck I'm supposed to do with it.
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Halloween at Home:

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Our first Halloween living together and it was all really fun!  One thing we'll do differently is wait a little before carving pumpkins.  We carved ours last Wed (a week before) and their faces were mangled before last weekend.  

The top shot is the evening sky in our neighborhood -- I just thought it had a great spooky feel.  Last night, we had a Halloween dinner complete with pumpkin-shaped pasta!  I feel like a bad Italian for not knowing these existed, but it's actually a German pasta. (uh-oh, i'm also German)  They certainly elevated dinner along with blood orange soda and we topped it all off with some seasonal Dunkin Donut holes -- delish! 

To add to the special, we have guests in town -- The BF's cousin & her BF have been stuck here since Sunday b/c of Sandy!  They live in Brooklyn and thankfully their place has remained unscathed, but they've had flight after flight canceled since Sunday.  It feels nice to be here for them.  Hope you all had an equally special Halloween!  

Now, bring on the Holidays -- I hear they are already serving the red Starbucks cups... HOLLAH!