Logo Design

The class I'm most excited about this semester is Portfolio/Resume Preparation.  It's daunting having to create your "brand" knowing the end result will be your "face" during interviews. That said, it's still exciting!  Right now we are in the process of designing our logos.  I find myself not wanting to stop and getting excited over discovering a new possibility.  Still not sure on a final design, but here's my process work.  
Do you have a favorite?

Sketchbook photos

The right side of what I created in Illustrator was mainly just playing around while the left side I'm getting closer to an actual logo.  

Frasier fir:

Last weekend we finally removed our dear Frasier fir.  It was sad to say goodbye, but it's almost Feb and obviously time.  After diligently watering it twice a day for over a month, I finally gave up on that about two weeks ago.  I will say, all that I read on the Frasier fir's ability to hang on and stay strong did ring true -- as dead as it was, it still looked perfect.  We returned it to where we purchased it since for five bucks they recycle them for the Scouts.  Definitely made me feel better about saying goodbye, after all, there was no way I could bear the thought of placing her out with the garbage!  I snapped a few pics as the BF did all the work...

...and kudos to our friend who helped us with his car!