Crack That Whip!

Now that we are sufficiently motivated (assuming you watched the link above) we can get down to brass tacks.  I need to step some shit up, like as of yesterday!  So here's me listing, publicly.

Willingly run 3 5K's
Have the power to not go over my daily calorie allotment.
Intentionally construct the furniture I need to for an assignment.
Proactively be in bed, lights out by 10:30pm CT

I will also...
Shape It Up
Move Ahead
Whip It, Whip It Good.



Just a little list of my current desires.  It has been forever since I "re-stapled" my wardrobe.  This list would be a fantastic start!  (granted, the tibi items & watch = dreaming, but that's what polyvore is for, right?)

Currently... by curchout featuring stainless steel jewelry
Tibi vintage top
225 GBP -

Printed top
$95 -

J Crew sheer top
$50 -

Tibi tapered pants
$285 -

Lucky Brand light wash jeans
$80 -

Stacked heel shoes
$168 -

Hunter green shoes
70 GBP -

J Crew handles handbag
$63 -

Nixon stainless steel jewelry
$450 -

Beach Body Scrub/6.9 oz.
$35 -

Bobbi Brown beach Body Oil
$30 -

all things Tibi

So I've discovered that I love all things Tibi.  While their sale items are still on the pricey side, they aren't completely out of range.  (you could score a pair of pants or bathing suit for around $100...which isn't bad considering.)  I would love to someday add some Tibi to my wardrobe.  Here are some stellar options...

These pieces are all so effortlessly cool.  To stay current check them out HERE!

Yes, I know rap is ridiculous, BUT...

I love it.  You gotta laugh at it's ridiculousness, nay ridonkulousness!  That said, sometimes a song comes around that I really relate to and in this case it's a rap song.  I can't relate in a literal sense to the song All The Above, by Maino ft. T-Pain.  I haven't been to jail or didn't grow up in a ghetto.  That life was worlds away from my small, ignoramus town in Northern NY.  But I do feel like a fighter...  that is still fighting to prove myself and make it to the top of my dreams.

So thank you Maino and T-Pain!  

the life

I just came upon a blog from a renaissance woman in design.  What I wouldn't give to have the freedom and resources to explore, Kelly Wearstler does.  

Check her out!...

it's on.

I finally signed up for my Sewing 101 class.  It was a birthday gift from my BF back in Sept.  It's amazing how something I've wanted to learn gets pushed by the way side for so long.  My only guess is fear.  My life isn't so crazy that I can't start to explore the things that drove me to drive half way across the country to pursue.  The time is now!  I need to not only start thinking like a designer, but think I AM A DESIGNER.  After all, I'm in my 5th semester of design school.

So I'm calling myself out.  In a public forum, no less.  I want to move   f  o  r  w  a  r  d.  I want to EXCEL and create the life I deserve.   

Today my horoscope reads:
AND SO DOES YOURS!  Get yours blogeritas because no one is going to give it to you.  chEErs.

Oxford Overload

I am on the hunt for the most perfect oxford.  So original, I know.  Perforated?  Heeled?  Brown? Which shade? Grey? Black?  AH!  ARE YOU OUT THERE?  The answer is yes.  But finding them is driving me crazy.  

My top contenders:

Bass lace up oxford
$79 -

Miss Selfridge leather oxford
55 GBP -

J Crew low heels
$250 -

Low heels
$168 -

Low heels
$168 -

Madewell oxford shoes
$178 -

Zizi Original Oxford - Vegetal/
$315 -