President says, "DRINK."

A-Hole or not, you will always feel like a President with these...

Tibi playing cards

chEErs, Bloggeritas!

Feist - My Moon My Man

I will always love this video.  Cool is her middle name.  Maybe I'll try this at the airport tomorrow night.  Yes, I'm going out of town for a long weekend...  Meeting my BF's entire family.  No pressure.

COATT designs with a message

Morse Coded necklaces!

These are so original and now, just maybe, you can get one at a discounted price.  Here's how...if you don't have a profile on Pinterest, that's your 1st step.  Then, pin the necklaces.  The designer just reached out to all who had pinned her designs with an offer for 25% off.  So maybe you will get lucky too.  They'd make a great gift and you can even personalize them.  I'm getting the Peace design as a reminder to keep the peace, within my worrisome brain!

a polyvore whore

I'm really trying not to be one, but it's so hard.  It's such a great resource/tool for designers.  In class on Wed when we were going over furniture selections, I just knew where I would turn for mine.  Okay, so maybe I'm not trying all that hard. 

I'm designing a 3000 sq. ft. houseboat.  This is what you may find inside...

Feather Lash Rug
$1,764 -

Z Gallerie - Union Jack Rug
$300 -

oomph tini tufted chair - Chairs
$1,565 -

Eames® Storage Unit - 4x2
$2,999 -

eames desk unit
$1,399 -

Thomas Paul Pillows Chestnut
$110 -

Eames® Molded Plastic Dowel Leg Chairs
$499 -

Z Gallerie - Timber Coffee Table
$799 -

child's barcelona chair
$3,840 -

eames time-life executive chair
$2,999 -

Woody Floor Lamp
$306 -

child's barcelona stool
$1,815 -

a big fat UGH.

Today is poop on a stick for me.  Have you ever had a day when you are operating with your not-your-best-self?  Today is that day for me.  Case in point: Last night I stayed with my bf and forgot the following...

Eye Cream
Face Moisturizer

I feel so ugly!  Yes, I'm clean and it's not that I can't pull off the no make-up look, but with all these other elements added, it's bad.  So the brush...I have bangs.  You can not properly blow out your bangs with a comb.  Sigh.  You know it's bad when no one makes eye contact with you on your commute into the office.  Not to mention Mr. Lubriderm (from previous post).  TGTIF!


They have it SO easy.  A co-worker, of the male persuasion, just came to my desk asking for lotion.  Cause, you know...I'm a girl.  I handed him an old crusty bottle of Lubriderm that has probably been at this company for way too long, thinking he needed to moisturize his hands.  NOPE.  His face.  All of it.  Standard issue Lubriderm lotion all over his face. 

As women, we simply can not get away with this kind of awesomeness...  Face.  Dry.  Must find lotion.  Closest lotion.  End scene. 

Damn men & their ability not to have to have a special concoction of products in hopes of achieving the most perfect skin.  If I had done that I would have paid for weeks.

Spring Fever

I 100% have it.  I'm so glad Polyvore has given me the ability to visually express SPRING FEVER.  I've decided that Polyvore is basically barbies for adults.  Makes growing up a little less hard to do, eh?

BNB, an offbeat combo

I have long been a fan of combining BNB that is: Brown, Navy & Black.  You can do it.  It's all about an equal distribution.  That doesn't mean you have to have three pieces of each color to pull it off, but simply make sure it's all balanced.  Brown on top & bottom & a mix of Navy & Black in between.  Get it?  Since I don't have enough girlie balls (yet) to post pics of me sporting my favorite BNB combos, I'll use a fashion blogger favorite of mine -- Kendi!

If you know her, you understand why she's a great resource.  If you have yet to discover her blog, CHECK IT OUT:

After all, she inspired this post with her latest outfit of BNB.