List of 10

So I'm officially moved!  

A List of 10:
Flies love Mulberries
A Mulberry tree shadows my bldg entry
I've been walking through flies
New keys are annoying
Getting used to new keys is victorious
I say bye to my apartment and miss it when I leave
I'm an over-taper
I have already stocked my freezer with ice cubes -- you can't have too much!
My A/C unit was manufactured in 1990
My happiness is reaching new heights

Rachel Rose

These are her gorgeously hand dyed silk tees.  
So fun with a pencil skirt for work or skinny jeans & heels for a night out.  
They aren't cheap, but this is def a special occasion purchase.  And they are HAND dyed and SILK.  


Last days in Logan;
There is much I will not miss.
Hipsters are real rude.
Image Source

MY Patterns!

Recently, for Intro to Computer Graphics, we were instructed to create 22 original patterns, in Illustrator.  HOLLAH!  By the end, I was totally tapped, but what a cool assignment!  Here are my most successful:
Copyright Info:
Please note...these are MY patterns.  M.Y. Patterns.  I really love them and love people checking them out. Please let me know if you want to use them and as always...LinkwithLove.

Ghetto Cred

Over the last couple weeks you could say my post were... of the ghetto variety.  They all were in conjunction with my Ten Day ReBoot (featured by Whole Living), where I found my much needed boost in motivation.  YAY!  Btw, I've been keeping up with my running and even dusted off my dailymile profile to keep track.

This post however, is not about my running, but my affection for ghetto music.  More specifically, my Ghetto Cred.   Yes, I have some that I'd like to share..

Cred #1
My nickname is ghetto.  Let me rephrase that.  My nickname is Cooch, which is pretty darn ghetto.  Relax, it's a play off my last name and nothing more and I've embraced it.  It's fun to sign emails "love, your cooch".
Label designed for my self-made ESB for my 30th Birthday.  This graced five cases.

Cred #2
I own a koozie that fits a 40oz.  I saw it at a gas station in the depths of Virginia and I just knew it was mine.  Forty ounces take a long time to drink and this koozie is spectacularly ghetto.  The focal point is the face of a Joker wearing a grill that reads: joker!  Fantastic.  Which brings me to my final & most qualifying Ghetto Cred...
Excuse the quality, but I guess it's appropriate.

Cred #3
I was gifted a Grill!  Yes, I own one.  For my 30th b-day some of my favorite chicas gave this to me as a gag gift and even reads: cooch in all caps & red "diamonds."  I've worn it once, on Halloween.  I went as Early Doucet's girlfriend.  I don't even know if he had/has one, but I like his name and was going for ghetto LSU fan.
Halloween in Philly, 2007
So there you have it...  Word to your Mom.


Lots of excitement;
Upcoming move and party!
July packs a PUNCH. 
Image: my own

"Sharing the Rediscovery of Wonder"

Janet Echelman is a great example of how wonderful following a passion can be.  I first learned of her last year through my 3D Design professor.  Back then, we saw a short video on her installation in Phoenix.  This video provides more insight into her journey.  AMAZING.


Another fab Fourth.
It gets better every year.
Yeah, America!

Time to Celebrate!

Day 10: Proud

It really is a big deal that I have managed to run everyday for the last 10 days for at least 2.5 miles.  Since moving to Chicago I've landed myself in one my most unhealthy periods to date.  A seriously limited budget and a declining metabolism are a dangerous combo, you guys.  Not to mention my penchant for burgers & fries.  Motivation has also been slim.

That time has ended.  In these last 10 days I have noticed a slight change in my body and that fuels my motivation to keep on going.  It has been decided that I will never be someone that will deny myself certain foods.  So, I must simply be burning some serious calories to keep up with my burgers & fries & ice cream, etc, etc, ETC!

And on that note...Happy 4th of July Weekend!  Now go turn your swag on.