Pics from Dock 6:

Remember all my fuss about the super cool event Dock 6 Collective was having?  Well, here are my pics from that night.  It was everything I had hoped for & more.  Enjoy!

I took these photos w/iPhone & Instagram

Local Artist: James Jankowiak

In doing some research about the event tonight at Dock 6 Collective, I discovered an artist that is totally owning it with lines and tape.  Below are my favorites from his website:

A Perfect Day 
2002 Acrylic and enamel on canvas 42" X 42" 

Planet Rock   
2010 Acrylic and glitter on mounted canvas 4" X 4" 

It All Started There
2010 Acrylic on canvas, turned Newspaper Cover
[I remember seeing & loving this Reader cover!]

Masking tape on site specific wall, Sidecar gallery, Hammond IN., 9' X 9' 

I can not wait to see what he'll be showing tonight.  I would love to have one of those paintings at home and tape installations are becoming my new favorite as an inexpensive way to pack a punch!  Just when I think my excitement for tonight is at maximum capacity... DOUBLE SCHWING

For the Home: Wallpaper

Gorgeous wallpaper created by Printed Space

Source: 79 Ideas

5/4 Book Signing: Tomboy Style

You may remember my post on what I'll be doing tomorrow night.  In that I mention something else I will be doing and well, this is it!  One of my favorite design shops, Haymaker, is hosting a book signing for the author of one of my favorite blogs, Tomboy Style.  Lizzie Garrett Metler's book, of the same name, is out and come tomorrow evening, between 6-9pm CT, I'll have a signed copy!

Get your copy HERE!

Tomboy style is a concept that I relate to 100%.  I grew up in a desolate part of Northern New York where us girls were always out numbered.  (I'm one of 6 kids, 4 of which are boys.)  Playing outdoors was just what kids did then and the woods & fields became our playground. (Come to think of it, the only time I remember watching TV was Sat. morning cartoons (shout out to Felix the Cat!) and when they aired The Wizard of Oz.)
Fishing was one of my favorite things to do and even more exciting than that was getting night crawlers to go fishing with.  Wait, ask?  After a rain, at night, you head out to the front yard with flashlights and pull worms out of the ground.  I was so good at this.  It was such a challenge because you had to pull lightly so as to not break the worm, but also you needed to be quick & to beat the worm before he went back in his hole!  It was really satisfying!
From a young age, I was always the girl playing in the dirt with the boys.   I was then, the girl that played any sports I could.  And now, I'm the girl that's going to get my book signed and droll over the other Tomboys that paved the way.  

After that, it's on to Dock 6 Collective.  SCHWING.