I baked!

I use an exclamation point because I never bake (or cook for that matter).  I guess it's the change in season or the fact that since turning 34 I feel the need to step shit up.  Who knows for sure, but this weekend I baked dammit and I must say, my cookies turned out very good.

The Lineup:

My BF made these and while they are substantially more "girly" than mine, they tasted AMAZING.

Recipe from Streaming Gourmet

Martinis and Manicures. Together, forever. *TID/TIND

How I am just hearing about this place is beyond me, but sign. me. up.  
I'm talking about $10 in TOTAL!  
Yes, both your martini AND manicure will cost you T E N  D O L L A R S.  

*for those that don't remember the 80's: True If Destroyed/True If Not Destroyed

The Design*Sponge Book Signing


I was like a kid on Christmas morning, but more nervous, waiting for Grace Bonney to sign my book.  I'll admit I did feel a little cooler that I already had the book and did not have to purchase in store.  I decided against the champagne, but definitely hit up the chocolate peanut butter mini cupcakes Anthro had.  They even had cucumber water; why have I never made this before?  It's so obviously refreshing, beyond easy & just makes you feel a little more fancy.  
So, then I talked to Grace.  We are one a first name basis now.  It lasted about 30 seconds, but she loved hearing I was in school, which was were I met my BF, who got me the book.  I'm sure she was just as excited to hear little tidbits from everyone else there, but I felt connected, for 30 seconds, to the only world in which I feel a sense of belonging to: The design industry.  

Skokie Madewell opens today!

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A couple different forms of public transit is a small price to pay for the immense joy I get from walking into Madewell.

Tomorrow in Chicago

I  may have to forgo my homework plans for Tuesday night to get my book signed by, Grace Bonney, the creator of Design Sponge.  My BF got me her book for my birthday and it did not disappoint!  For starters, one of the first homes Ms. Bonney featured was the home of Madewell's head designer, a loft of course.  This book is def worth purchasing if you love looking at great homes and it has a great DIY section. (BF even bought one for himself -- It's THAT good!)

Uglycute: brings the cute, leaves ugly at home.

I've thought about wanting to design restaurants for a very long time.  What appeals to me most about this type of design (over residential) is having a public space to go back to and share with others.  Dezeen has become a favorite place for me to check out some fabulous restaurants/bars and here is yet another stellar design.  Bar Central was designed in Stockholm by Swedish firm Uglycute.  That is maybe the most perfect shade of green and what a compliment to the lighter wood and those brass strips add a dose of special.  The lighting is simple and clean.  I get so excited when I see well designed spaces.  There have been so many times I've gone into a place and thought, "Who thought it was a good idea to put this here?"  And "Who approved this layout?"  Maybe I have even moved say... a garbage can to make more sense out of its placement?  Well, I look forward to the day when I'm making some decisions and until then, I'll keep learning...to see if what I'm thinking even makes sense!  

The one thing I'd like to see different is a larger menu board (in top pic), not that I would have issue reading it.  It just looks a little too small for that space.

Sweet Victory!

The day has finally come!  Not only do I once again have glasses (with an updated prescription), but I have my beloved Warby Parkers!  I was already a lover of all things TOMS and with a similar concept of One for One, I knew I needed some Warbys.  I place a great importance on dealing with companies with a conscious!

A lil' backstory:
After moving half way across the country to attend design school and losing insurance, it was only a matter of time before I went through all my contacts -- thankfully I came with about a year's supply.  After they were gone, I went back to my old, faithful albeit out of date glasses.  That is, until last Feb. when I lost them on the El.

So, it is today, that I celebrate the victory of my eyesight being fully restored by way of one stylishly, socially-aware pair of specks.  Check me out in Reece:

Please check out Warby Parker!  Recommend them to anyone in need of glasses.  Take advantage of their Home Try-On (HTO) program. (I did, three rounds before I chose my frames.)  We need to support companies like this!


ps: oh, and double cheers to having insurance again!