New Baggu

I can't get enough of this brand and now they offer these?!?  I need to start saving for a new computer, just to get one.  Prices are $28 & $36.

Double Dose of Love

Jenna and a Fluoro?  The epitome of style with the epitome of neon.
[Not to mention the fantastic mix of glamour & rugged.]  

My heart just skipped TWO beats.  Have a great weekend!

image found HERE via Pinterest

Iphone + Instagram

The items I picked up at Urban Art Party

Spotted:  The Magnificent Pink Neon Bag (Behold its beauty!)

Even with all the great Winter beers out there, I've been choosing this.

Taking a crack at my Fashionary notebook.

A fun design makes coffee extra special.

Urban Art Party

Sky Series by Eric Cahan

These photos make me feel like anything is possible.  I mean, if the sky can look this gorgeous why the heck not, right?  People define success in their own way.  For me, one criterion is being able to stop & notice beauty in the everyday.  Sometimes all it takes is noticing to give me the strength to get something pressing done or to feel like things will eventually turn for the better*.  Now, it's not always as obvious as these supreme photos by Eric Cahan, but there will always be something to revel in and make one feel special and loved.  I urge you to check out Eric's site for the entire series!
Fort Pond Bay, Montauk, NY
Sunset 8:10pm 
Stinson Beach, CA
Sunset 6:34pm 
Bridgehampton, NY
Sunset 7:48pm 

 *and you know, they always do.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Urban Art Party

Happy Friday!  I wanted to share some exciting details about an event I will be volunteering at tonight.  I like to think of Urban Art Party as Etsy live! Seriously.  A ticket will get you an open bar, appetizers and access to some seriously cool local artists all for a great cause, with music to boot!

What you will be supporting are unreimbursed programs provided by Midwest Palliative & Hospice CareCenter and CampCare, a grief support camp for children and teens who have lost a loved one.

What makes this so great to support is this hospice center will take anyone, regardless of income, race, or religion. Patients from 2 years of age to 100+ years strong. It offers: individual and group therapy, art therapy, pet therapy, music therapy, pet placement programs, as well as a free camp for adolescents and teens who are struggling with the loss of a loved one.

If you are in Chicago and looking for something to do tonight, PLEASE join me!  It's a fun way to not only welcome the weekend, but a good start to some Valentine's Day celebration, not to mention, a great place to pick up some unique gifts!

To entice you further, below are some of the featured artists you'll see tonight:

Image Source: KraeO, Etsy

Image Source: Lucius Art, Etsy

Image Source: Earth Cadets, Etsy

For the full list of artists and details CLICK HERE