it's on.

I finally signed up for my Sewing 101 class.  It was a birthday gift from my BF back in Sept.  It's amazing how something I've wanted to learn gets pushed by the way side for so long.  My only guess is fear.  My life isn't so crazy that I can't start to explore the things that drove me to drive half way across the country to pursue.  The time is now!  I need to not only start thinking like a designer, but think I AM A DESIGNER.  After all, I'm in my 5th semester of design school.

So I'm calling myself out.  In a public forum, no less.  I want to move   f  o  r  w  a  r  d.  I want to EXCEL and create the life I deserve.   

Today my horoscope reads:
AND SO DOES YOURS!  Get yours blogeritas because no one is going to give it to you.  chEErs.

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Erin W said...

Just wait until you get on a roll. You'll have a whole new wardrobe for half the cost :)